BASF shows latest innovations at JEC 2015

Novel Acrodur binder helps produce cost-efficient automotive lightweight composites with integrated functions and a higher share of natural fibers

BASF is launching a new binder – Acrodur Power 2750 X. The product is designed for the production of natural fiber composites for automotive lightweight applications such as interior car door panels or shelves. As a low-emission alternative to formaldehyde-based reactive resins, Acrodur Power 2750 X gives natural fiber composites high mechanical stability. At the same time, the product offers thermoplastic processability and, unlike traditional thermoplastic binders based on polypropylene, it allows the use of up to 75 percent natural fibers in lightweight components. In addition, the molding of natural fiber pre-preg and the injection of functional and structural elements with BASF's plastic Ultramid can be carried out in one single step.

At the JEC Composites Show BASF is going to present a functionalized natural fiber lightweight composite based on Acrodur Power 2750 X.

The low-emission Acrodur binders are used to reinforce natural fiber composites before these can be processed into molded components. They are also used for the production of high quality lightweight applications in the furniture and automotive industry.

Recently, the Acrodur 950 L binder received the innovation award from JEC, the international industry network for composites. The French automotive supplier Faurecia had used the BASF product to develop a light composite with great mechanical stability, to reinforce long flax fibers.

Wind power: Solutions for the wind industry with Baxxodur epoxy resin systems and Kerdyn PET (polyethylene terephthalate) structural foams

Another highlight of the show will be BASF's range of solutions for the wind industry encompassing Baxxodur epoxy resin systems and Kerdyn PET (polyethylene terephthalate) structural foams, which address the trend toward larger parts and comprise a variety of production processes. The Baxxodur system offerings for composites are based on BASF's comprehensive portfolio of amine-based curing agents that are unmatched in the industry. Kerdyn PET (polyethylene terephthalate) structural foam unites good mechanical properties with wide process compatibility. Thanks to its high temperature and chemical resistance, it adds stability to rotor blades.


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