BASF at “JEC Composites Show 2012”

New coating materials

The BASF Coatings division is the expert for the coating of rotor blades and will present two new technologies in one sweep at JEC.

RELEST Wind Leading Edge

The new coating system RELEST Wind Leading Edge improves the economic efficiency of wind turbines. It provides excellent protection of the front and leading edge of the rotor blade from erosion. Thanks to its extremely high erosion resistance against rain, sand and hail and its outstanding properties RELEST Wind Leading Edge is therefore particularly useful for offshore turbines as it extends their life span significantly and increases the service intervals. Moreover, the material offers major advantages in the application process: flexible film thicknesses are possible during the coating process, and the short drying time ensures high production efficiency.

Repair system for rotor blades

BASF’s answer to the enormous stresses and strains rotor blades are exposed to is the intelligent repair system RELEST Wind RepKit. Wind and water, UV radiation, erosion and bending loads place highest demands on the rotor blade. At this immense height and rotation speeds, raindrops turn into real bullets when hitting the material. These stresses and strains may cause severe damage during a wind turbine’s life cycle that needs to be repaired in order to safeguard the turbine’s economic efficiency. In addition to all the materials and tools required for the repair, the new RELEST Wind RepKit also includes extensive application training. The kit is characterized by its simple and fast handling. After being trained by BASF specialists, the employees of wind turbine operators will be able to implement professional repairs. The new RELEST Wind RepKit is designed for stationary use both on the ground and on the turbine.

Solutions for next-generation rotor blades

Two new applications by BASF are on display at JEC for the production of rotor blades of advanced wind turbines, which keep growing in size:

More efficient production of larger components

With rotor blades increasing in size, you need new cost-efficient manufacturing technologies and carefully adapted epoxy systems. The process of manufacturing a blade root, which is exposed to great mechanical strain, becomes much simpler if you use a Baxxodur system by BASF. Rather than being built up step by step in several layers, the component can be manufactured much more efficiently by a single-step process known as “one-shot infusion.” Due to its very low initial viscosity the Baxxodur system features excellent impregnation properties. In addition, it allows the release of heat to be controlled in the curing phase.

Epoxy system for spar caps made from carbon fiber

Taking account of the growing importance of carbon-fiber-reinforced components for certain rotor-blade areas, BASF has the appropriate Baxxodur system available: it is particularly suitable for spar caps made from carbon fiber, which are increasingly being used for large rotor blades because of their strength and stiffness. In spar cap production, the Baxxodur system ensures unparalleled speed and thoroughness in carbon-fiber mat impregnation.

Under its Baxxodur brand, BASF offers epoxy systems that allow rotor blades of wind turbines to be produced more efficiently. The offering comprises a number of systems composed of epoxy resins and curing agents. The use of curing agents known as latent hardeners offers users a significantly longer pot life while it reduces cycle times at the same time by up to 30 %. BASF has a range of patented systems that it is currently developing for use in structural molded parts meant to reduce weight in automobiles.

You can visit BASF at “JEC Composites Show, Paris, March 27-29, 2012, Porte de Versailles, Hall 1, booth G 17

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