An end to plastic bottle pollution

An end to plastic bottle pollution may be in sight. ENSO Bottles, of Phoenix, Arizona is introducing a biodegradable PET plastic bottle that will change the way we think about plastic.

In 2007, there were more than four billion pounds of PET plastic bottles that were burned or ended up in landfills, roadsides, streams and oceans. Thousands of years from now they will still be there.

- The pollution problem is enormous and continues to grow - said Danny Clark, founder of ENSO Bottles, LLC. Clark said ENSO has developed a more "Earth Friendly" biodegradable plastic bottle. - ENSO knows that biodegradable bottles are just part of the solution, and that's why ENSO is developing a recycling partner program for consumers, local and state governments - said Clark.

Clark added that: - Enso bottles are not oxo-biodegradables or PLA (Polylactic Acid). ENSO bottles are 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable PET plastic bottles. Our PET bottles will biodegrade in anaerobic (no oxygen, no light) and aerobic compostable environments.

The demand for plastic bottles is growing over 12% annually. PET plastic bottling is being used for everything from food, personal care to cleaning products and the demand for plastic beverage bottles continues to grow.

ENSOs' biodegradable plastic products provide a solution to one of our growing environmental problems. Clark says: - The world is changing, people are becoming more involved and at ENSO we want to be part of making this a better planet for us and future generations.

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