Allrounder Golden Edition perfect for the Polish market

Allrounder Golden Edition…
At this year`s Plastpol, which will take place in Kielce in Poland from 27 to 30 May, Arburg will demonstrate three exhibits on its representative stand. On Stand B 30 in Hall B, two Allrounder Golden Edition machines and a vertical Allrounder V will produce technical parts, thereby demonstrating the extraordinary versatility of this cost-effective machine series. Indeed, these exhibits perfectly address the requirements of the Polish market.

Branch manager Sławomir Śniady regards this event as a very significant trade fair for Poland: The Plastpol is a relatively new trade fair, but due to its special focus, in recent years it has evolved to become the most important showcase for the Polish plastics industry. We are therefore fully committed to being present at this important event.

Two of the total of three exhibits are Allrounder Golden Edition machines. On the one hand, an Allrounder 320 C Golden Edition with a clamping force of 500 kN and a size 170 injection unit will produce a terminal strip, while an Allrounder 570 C Golden Edition with a clamping force of 2,000 kN and size 800 injection unit will produce a torch lens. These two technical parts demonstrate the wide range of applications of this cost-effective machine series.

The hydraulic Allrounder Golden Edition machines combine state-of-the-art machine technology with an attractive price/performance ratio. The machine series now consists of a carefully thought-out range of nine Allrounders for various applications, each machine being equipped with fixed clamping force/injection unit combinations. The horizontal Allrounder 270 C, 320 C, 420 C, 470 C, 570 C, 720 S and 920 S Golden Edition machines cover a clamping force range from 400 to 4,600 kN, with a maximum shot weight of 1,286 g PS. The two Allrounder1200 T 800 Golden Edition and Allrounder1200 T 1000 Golden Edition vertical rotary table machines feature a table diameter of 1200 millimeters and clamping forces of 800 and 1,000 kN.

Allrounder 570C, Golden Edition

Sławomir Śniady has the following to say about this clear focus: - Since their introduction in 2006, the Allrounder Golden Edition machines have enjoyed sustained, major interest on the part of Polish customers. Sophisticated technology, diverse equipment and an attractive price are all advantages that precisely fulfil the requirements of the Polish injection moulding market and have enabled the Golden Edition to become the most sold Arburg machine series in Poland. That is why this year, we will also be using interesting applications to show our customers the wide area of applications for these machines - he says.

Complementing the Golden Edition exhibits at the Plastpol will be a vertical Allrounder 175 V with a clamping force of 125 kN and size 70 injection unit. This vertical machine, which is distinguished by its free-space system, will be producing a contact insert. This product impressively demonstrates these machines` special field: the encapsulation of inserts. They are of particular interest to the Polish electronics and automotive industries. The encapsulation of inserts is a dynamic market in Poland and one in which ARBURG has already played a successful part with its U-position Allrounder 221 K.

The modern alternative, the Allrounder V with fixed vertical mould clamp, is now available in three different sizes. The hydraulic machines are characterized by their fixed vertical, down-stroking clamping units, designed as a free-space system. The machine range currently comprises the Allrounder 175 V with a clamping force of 125 kN and size 30 or 70 injection units, the Allrounder 275 V with a clamping force of 250 kN and size 70 or 100 injection units and the Allrounder 375 V with a clamping force of 500 kN and size 100, 170 and 290 injection units.