ABBA Systems and Mold-Masters form strategic alliance called iPET to supply PET preform molds

ABBA Systems and Mold-Masters announced at Drinktec 2009 that they are combining forces to sell complete PET preform mold solutions under the brand name of iPET Systems.

Using the resources, knowledge and manufacturing capacity of Mold-Masters and ABBA, iPET Systems offers new molds, conversions, retrofits, refurbishments, spare parts and service from 5 manufacturing locations and 40 sales and service offices globally.

iPET Molds and hot runners are directly interchangeable with existing PET mold platforms and fit in all makes of injection molding machines. Available from 2 to 192 cavities, iPET Molds come with up to 4 positions of post mold cooling technology and offer significant new features and advantages to preform molders.

The proprietary design of the iFlow hot runner manifold has less pressure drop, fills more uniformly and generates less preferential shear stress than conventional gun drilled manifolds. The valve gate has been purpose engineered for molding PET so it generates less PET dust, reduces crystallinity in the gate and makes in-press service easy. Patented technology called iCool, allows iPET molds cool more evenly and more efficiently. These technologies, used together, create preform molds that run faster, use less energy, color change quickly, run lower AA levels, produce higher uptimes and are easy to service.

- We have recently spoken with a number of molders and machine suppliers about iPET and they have been extremely positive about our approach. The market is looking for another global supplier of PET Molds and we believe that iPET will fill this need and provide the industry with new levels of performance.” said Patrick Bennett, Executive VP of Mold-Masters.

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