63 new trainees - more than ever before

63 new trainees - more than… For more than 65 years, Arburg has been helping young people to launch their careers. With a total of 63 new trainees and students of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), who started on 4 September, this year marks an unprecedented number. Speaking on behalf of the Partners, Managing Directors and the workforce, Managing Partner Renate Keinath welcomed all the new arrivals to Arburg.

"You can look forward to the opportunity to gain valuable experience for your professional life. You will be the ones who will use their know-how to take our company forward," said Renate Keinath, Managing Partner with responsibility for Human Resources Management, welcoming the new trainees and DHBW students and wishing them a positive start for their careers. She explained that mutual success required the trainees and students to demonstrate commitment, flexibility and a willingness to learn. "Don't be afraid to ask questions if there's something you don't understand. After all, you've come here to learn!"emphasised Renate Keinath, further underlining that a willingness to communicate and to express constructive criticism are important elements of corporate culture at Arburg.

An atmosphere of anticipation

"I really enjoy logic and programming," answers Chiara Schütz when asked why she chose a cooperative state university degree in Business Information Technology. The 19-year-old adds: "I liked what I saw when I came for my interview at Arburg and you can already feel the family atmosphere and positive appreciation." Programming is also a hobby of 17-year-old Steeven Schön, who will be training as an electronics engineer for automation technology: "I think it's great that everyone here is so nice, and I am looking forward to starting my training!" The same goes for Marina Knörr and Jana Herrmann, who are training as industrial clerks and who are looking forward to getting to know new people and gaining insights into the Personnel and Purchasing departments. Nineteen-year-old Christian Ober made the conscious decision to take on mechanical engineering as a cooperative state university course: "I like being able to develop and design things and to finally have a real end product you can hold in your hand." Despite their differences, all the new arrivals are clearly looking forward to the exciting training that lies ahead of them.

An exciting induction week

To ensure that the transition from school to professional life goes as smoothly as possible, Arburg has a long-established, comprehensive training concept. During the induction week, an intensive program awaits the trainees and DHBW students as they to get to know their new colleagues and the Arburg company. Firstly, the newcomers spend two days together with director of training Michael Vieth and his team away from the plant in Rottweil, where numerous team-building events and team canoeing are on the agenda. Once they arrive in the company itself, they are treated to an extensive tour of the plant as well as an introduction to the product range and the various departments.

Training Centre expanded by 20 percent

In over 65 years, Arburg has guided more than 1,700 young people towards a career. The 63 new arrivals bring the total number of young men and women currently in training to 207. Due to the continuously growing numbers in recent years, the Training Centre has now been enlarged by around 20 percent, covering more than 2,000 square metres, and the facilities are being modernised to include new laboratories and new machines.

Source: Arburg

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