ZPF Efekt Plus Sp. z o.o.

Main producer of all type of cast stretch film. We offer hand stretch films, pre-stretch films, machine stretch films in different colours and grades.

Address details:
Str. Złota 44/334
Poland, 00-120 Warszawa

Activity description

We are producing stretch films of all type (by CAST method) from 2006.
Our almost 20 years of experience, team of experienced specialists and developed machinery are responsible for the quality of our stretch films. 

We have 7 production lines, located near Rzeszów in Poland. 

In our offert you can find:
  • pre-stretch films (hand and machine version)
  • hand stretch films
  • hand stretch films with extended core
  • machine stretch films
  • PCR stretch film Recowrap™
  • mini-raps
  • jumbo films
The quality of our products offered has been confirmed by prestigious certificates, including ISO:9001 Quality Management System and ISO: 14001 Environmental management systems.

The stretch films are available in various quality grades (stretches of 120-370%) and colours. We also offer a range of available enhancements to our products - e.g. UV resistance, negative temperatures or higher tackiness.

We invite you to contact with our specialist.

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