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VFDS Manufacturer is a leader among variable frequency drive suppliers.

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A variable frequency drive controls alternating current torque and motor speed in electro-mechanical drive systems. In layman’s terms, it is an adjustable speed drive that regulates the frequency and voltage to the motor. You can find variable frequency drives, or VFDs, in everything from small appliances to giant compressors.

VFDS LLC is a leader among variable frequency drive suppliers. Our company concentrates on inverter design and VFD manufacture. VFDS LLC is china VFDS Company located in Shenzhen. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. The main products single phase to three phase VFD, three Phases to three Phase VFD and so on.

Variable frequency drive - VFDs can be used to control the speed of a machine. There can be significant energy reduction if the machine is slowed down when it does not need to operate at full speed. For example, pumps operated so that they run at a speed dependent on the flow requirements will reduce the cavitation losses in the pump. If the pump is required to run at constant full speed, the addition of a VFD will actually waste another 5% of energy.

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