Solplast Packaging

Bottles, nuts, cap, package, packaging manufacturer, plastic components

Address details:
Str. Składowa 15
Poland, 26-052 Nowiny

Activity description

The Solplast company has operated in the market of plastic materials since 1990. During this time the company gained invaluable experience which allows it to operate in the current environment with confidence and long-term perspectives. Using modern technology and high quality raw materials, our company has the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients, offering the highest quality products.

We make plastic parts in any amount using injection moulding and blow moulding from own and clients' moulds with all kinds of plastic in every colour.

The Solplast company is a typical family company which puts quality and up-to-date production technology in the first place. We guarantee our customers short deadlines, reliable and professional attitude, attractive prices and full support from the design stage to commencement and completion of production.

The use of innovative solutions allows us to significantly reduce the cost of transport, packaging and storage and thus a significant reduction in production costs. We are open to any suggestions of co-operation related to production and new processing technologies of plastics.

We look forward to our co-operation.

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