Shalibhadra international


Address details:

Str. "shalibhadra"A-34,Gokuldham
India, 361006 Jamnagar

As Manufacturer

We manufacture our products in-house
and caters the customers as per their need. The Products are highly
durable and are made from finest quality raw material. All our products
are accurate in dimensions and weight. Due to the product quality,
demand for the products are increasing day by day in local, national as
well as in international market.

We are leading manufacturer of brass insert component , fasteners fitting part, brass turned  component etc. as per technical drawing OR sample. We can provide you our product with "dutux" brand.

As Supplier

We supply our products in local
Gujarat as well as to various trade Centre of India, which includes
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, etc.
The local as well as the national client network of the firm is also
growing day by day.

As Exporter

We export our products outside India
as per the clients requirement. All the products are manufactured
accurately to meet the international standards, which helps us to
maintain proper customer satisfaction. With expansion in firm's client
network there is also increment in the number of products, the firm
deals with.


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