Sarda Jute & Sacks International

Exporter of Jute Yarn, Jute scaks, Jute Waste Caddies, Jute Mesh Soil saver, Burlap Potato bags

Address details:

Str. 36 Ballabi Street
Bangladesh, 1216 Dhaka

We deal following Jute Products and Textile Waste from Bangladesh and China since 1990 and doing business all over the world.
Our Exportable items are appended below for your ready reference :-

Jute Yarn for jute espadrilles shoe sole
Jute Yarn for Carpet Weaving
Jute Yarn for Rope Making
Jute Twine
Jute Rope
Jute Carpet Backing Cloth
Jute Hessian Cloth
Jute Waste Caddies
Jute Thread Waste
Raw Jute Cutting
Upholstery Jute Webbing (Jute Tape)
Jute Bags (Small, Medium and Large)
Jute Soil Erosion Control Cloth
Jute Wider Cloth in Rolls
Jute Hessian Bags
Jute Gunny Bags
Jute Hessian Nursery Sheets/Square
Jute Soil Erosion Control Cloth 4' x 225',
Burlap Sand bags
Sisal Rope & Sisal Yarn
Cotton Yarn Waste
Denim Clips
Cotton Hosiery Clips

If you are really interested, Please contact :

Lily Renaz
Sarda Group of Companies
Sarda Jute & Sacks International
Fax : 880-2-806401
Tel : 880-2-9008734
Email :


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