ST Soffiaggio Tecnica Srl

ST is a worldwide leader in the production of blow moulding machines with accumulator head, conventional, suction and multi layer

ST Soffiaggio Tecnica Srl

Str. Via della Giardina 8
20900 Monza (MB)
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Activity description

S.T. Soffiaggio Tecnica came to life in 1980, benefiting from the experience matured by the technicians of MOI, the first company manufacturing blow moulding machines in Italy.
Its objective has been to realise, in close symbiosis with customers, sophisticated equipment for the blow moulding of plastic materials, designed according to actual production requirements of a market that is constantly evolving and introducing new materials and new moulding technologies.
Our range of manufactured blow moulding machines covers the major applications connected to the technology:
TA and ISIT Series with accumulator head up to 80 kg and clamping force up to 200 tons.
This series was developed for the production of technical items in different fields of application, like i.e. automotive parts, toys and furnishings, but also packaging of big dimensions, like i.e. jerry cans, drums and tanks.
ASPI Series with “suction blow” technology, able to produce both, ducts of small dimensions for the white goods field, and of medium and big dimensions for the automotive field (i.e. motor ducts , fuel ducts, oil ducts etc.), often featuring very complex shapes.
EC Series with continuous extrusion is suitable to produce items of medium and large dimension, both in mono layer but more frequently even in multi-layer execution. They are used in the packaging field as well as in the technical field, i.e. for fuel ducts.


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