Manufacturer of plastic profiles. Plastic profiles. Tools for extrusion and profile extrusion

Address details:
Str. Słoneczna 11
Poland, 43-330 Zasole Bielańskie

Activity description

We specialize in the production of plastic profiles and extrusion tooling. From year to year, we are expanding the group of our regular customers. The PLASTONE company was established in 2019. However, it can pride itself on many years of experience in the production of plastic profiles since 2000. Its range covers the entire territory of Poland and the countries of Eastern and Western Europe.

We design and create tools for extrusion and extrusion of profiles with the highest precision, meeting the highest expectations of investors from various industries.

Many years of experience in the construction of tools and extrusion of plastic profiles, as well as a high-class team of specialists, allow us to carry out individual orders for unique profiles with the most unusual shapes and functions for various industries.

The company's greatest advantage is the attractive prices of extruded profiles, which go hand in hand with high quality and short delivery times. Thanks to this, it was possible to attract a wide group of regular customers. The COMPANY has a qualified and educated staff that successfully carries out the tasks assigned to it.

Our offer includes:

  • technical profiles
  • lighting profiles
  • decorative profiles
  • profile "own idea"

We look forward to cooperate with you!