Overmould specialist low pressure molding equipment, Technomelt & subcontract

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Str. 4 Commerce Way
United Kingdom, LU7 4RW Leighton Buzzard

Activity description

Established for more than twenty years, we provide sub-contract overmoulding services and overmoulding equipment for the protection of sensitive electronics&devices across multiple industries. We are the UK distributors for Overmoulding Machines from Buhnen, MoldMan™ and OptiMel.
Overmould Ltd is a unique engineering business specialising in Low Pressure Overmoulding.
Overmould Ltd is the UK’s leading sub contract manufacturer of low pressure injection mouldings. We specialise in moulding directly on to electronic assemblies such as PCB’s, sensors and other types of sensitive components to create a completely sealed and encapsulated product.

We are pleased to be the UK partner for Henkel’s Macromelt polyamides and provide outstanding solutions that meet all kinds of manufacturing demands. Our excellent relationship with Henkel has been forged over a number of years and has enabled us to provide customers with manufacturing solutions featuring Henkel’s high quality engineering adhesives combined with our own excellent design and application skills.

We have the facilities and capabilities to provide large batch production runs as well as small batches for prototype and development projects.

Please visit our website to find out more about our excellent services. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Engineering Solutions with your enquiries and we will provide all the information and advice you may need.