Mold In Graphic Systems

Polyethylene graphics, logos, products for molders

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Str. 999 Hwy 89
United States of America, 86324 Clarkdale

Our mission is to provide the highest quality graphics and enhancement products to manufacturers of polyethylene, polypropylene, TPO, nylon and vinyl plastic products across the globe.
Established in 1983, Mold In Graphic Systems® has developed a reputation for making permanent graphics and labels that last. Our proprietary method permanently integrates colorful custom-made graphics into products made by using rotational molding. In early 1997 the company expanded its facility to over 100,000 square feet in an effort to handle the growing needs and concerns of their ever-expanding Mold In Graphic Systems® customer base and to handle demand for post-mold Mold On Graphics®.
Technologies the company have perfected embed graphics and enhancement materials directly into any polyolefin resin. Both MIGS® and Mold On Graphics® have become an integral part of any molded polyolefin product.
No other method of labeling or decorating can substantiate the product durability claims that we make and stand behind at Mold In Graphic Systems®.
Plastics are our only business, and we plan to dedicate ourselves in the future to making even better products to serve this industry. Mold In Graphics® and Mold On Graphics® resist UV rays and severe weather conditions. The permanent, quality image remains after contact with solvents and chemicals, including the most caustic and damaging lacquer thinners, acetones, alkaline, and acids. Other suppliers' labels simply will not survive these tests.