KEBO AG - Injection Mould Technology

Injection moulds with large numbers of cavities for highest outputs of plastic products for the medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and cosmetics industries, for closures, packaging articles, IML.

Address details:

Str. Rundbuckstrasse 12
Switzerland, 8212 Neuhausen

Medical /pharmaceutical

Parts for infusion devices, safety and disposable syringes, petri dishes, inhalers, reaction vessels, laboratory articles, pump bodies, spray heads and pistons.
The complex demands imposed on plastic injection moulds for the medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory fields require KEBO's comprehensive and product-specific know-how. Large numbers of cavities, short production cycles, an absolute maximum of precision and surface quality, high dimensional accuracy and a high repetition accuracy characterize the moulds covered by KEBO's warranty.

Packaging / closures
Food packaging articles for yellow fat and dairy products, with or without tamper-evidence seal, drinking glasses, cups, round and square IML packaging items, cutlery, packaging products with cliplock, screw or twist-off closures for still and carbonized beverages, hinged closures, spouts, etc.

KEBO has excellent references for its technology of thin-walled packaging products and closures. Short cycles, material savings, top efficiency, modular design and a long production life characterize KEBO moulds.