K.O.M.A. Sp.J.

OLFA tools, knives, snap-off and rotary cutters, scissors, scrapers, blades and accesories - directly from stock. Special OLFA offer for retailers. Discounts for bussines customers.

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Str. Stoczniowców 3
Poland, 30-709 Kraków

- heavy duty and standard duty snap-off blade cutters for industrial, home and hobby applications;
- comfortable, anti-slip, aceton and acid resistant handles;
- cutting tools designed for cutting tough materials as plywood, carpet, plastic boards, cardboards, textile, leather and much more...;
- well known ROTARY CUTTERs and CUTTING MATS that deliver extraordinary convenience during cutting fibreglass and carbon textile;
- scissors with stainless steel, serrated blades for precise and powerful cutting;
- safety knives with auto-retracting blade for workers and safety managers;
- heavy duty and compact scrapers for various purposes and applications;
- spare blades in superior quality, sharpness and durability;

Best quality, made in Japan only!