Izomat Andrzej Mickiewicz

Comprehensive supply of materials for thermal insulation in construction. Production of cut, and blocks of polyurethane PUR and PIR. Production of composite sandwich panels.

Address details:

Str. Staszica 14
Poland, 89-300 Wyrzysk

Activity description

Company Izomat Wyrzysk
dealing with complex supply insulation materials for thermal insulation in:

First Construction - insulation of buildings, construction of cold storage
Second Automotive - Construction of isotherms, containers, cold
Third Farming and arboriculture - insulation of pigsties, barns, sheds, store construction, cold

Offering for sale:

* Building boards of extruded polystyrene XPS B.
* Technical plates grooved extruded polystyrene XPS TR.
* Plates coated with insulating and drainage fleece with extruded polystyrene XPS ID.
* Cut sheets and blocks of polyurethane PUR ..
* S-sandwich panels for walls and D-roofing. Core: Polyurethane PUR, EPS polystyrene foam lining with the possibility of implementing a unilateral or wełna.mineralna
* Insulation board composite sandwich. Core: porogel, PUR polyurethane, polystyrene XPS, EPS polystyrene foam, mineral wool linings in any of one or both sides.
* Door panels sandwich filler. Core: Polyurethane PUR, XPS polystyrene. Linings: HPL + Renolit-foil, PVC, polyester laminates, aluminum.
* Aerogel, Porogele nanotechnology-modern insulation materials in the form of insulating mats,
* Polyester laminates reinforced with glass fiber and FRP profiles.
* Polyurethane adhesives and two-component one.
* Greater Hives

We produce:

* Trailers - individual orders
* Body - vehicles and trailers
* Cut sheets and blocks - of polyurethane foam PUR, PIR
* Insulation panels - sandwich.
- Fill: Porogel, PUR, PIR, XPS, EPS, WM.
- Cladding any

Offering for sale:

* Trays - the XPS polystyrene film for food packaging, more than 30 designs, four colors: white, black, yellow and blue
* Menu Box - Lunch Box, Hamburger Box of XPS polystyrene film

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