Fortis Technology Rydzińska Sp. k.

Rotomoulding, rotational molding, plastic tanks.

Address details:
Str. Świerkowa 19
Poland, 64-320 Niepruszewo

Activity description

Fortis Technology is a company with 100% Polish capital, located in Greater Poland, where production takes place by means of rotoforming and from this place our products are distributed to customers.

Rotational moulding is a universal method that allows the production of plastic components with a very wide range of application. The possibilities of using plastic are increasing every year, its properties are changing for the better and its use in services, various fields of industry and agriculture is also developing. That is why the rotomoulding method is becoming more and more popular not only in Poland but also around the world. The material used in this method is 100% recyclable.

Thanks to over thirty years of experience in plastics processing, we are one of the leading companies on the market in terms of knowledge about polyethylene. In addition, we provide serial production services to clients from many industries.

We have a machine park in the form of three machines that are able to produce an element up to 4.5 meters in length. Annually, we produce tens of thousands of elements from various plastics. At the request of our clients, we participate in the development process and search for new solutions, we provide technical advice. We also work with verified suppliers of both forms and equipment components

Competent employees
Our experience in manufacturing goes back several decades, which gives us unmistakeable knowledge, technological advantage over other market entities and innovation.

We operate internationally
Fortis sends its products to all continents. We use contacts on the global market, as well as knowledge of problems and solutions on the markets of 23 countries around the world in order to help our clients.

We are punctual
We are known for short delivery times and on-time delivery. By adhering to the principle that time is money, we keep our arrangements with the customer.

Flexible approach
We are not afraid of changes and we like challenges, therefore we flexibly approach the needs of our clients and look for solutions dedicated to them. Non-standard operation is not a problem for us.

Always creative
Our team is a diverse group of individualists with vast experience and knowledge who easily implement new solutions. We have innovation in our blood.

We care about safety
We are not making any concessions in this area. The quality of materials and construction elements, professional installation and attention to every detail guarantee 100% safety.

We provide full technical advice at every stage of the process. We will develop a project based on your requirements, make a form and produce a product for you.


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