Flexfilm Limited

Specialist Manufactures of Polyethylene Film

Address details:

Str. Road One, Winsford Industrial Estate
, CW7 3QE Winsford, Cheshire

Flexfilm is the UK’s leading independent specialist polyethylene extruder. Operating from a purpose built 20,000 ft factory (on a two acre site) in Winsford, Cheshire, the company supplies film throughout the UK and to other EU countries.

The company has a highly experienced team of people that have proven track records in the industry over many years.

The company’s core philosophy is based around manufacturing excellence; whether we are supplying films to convertors or packaging films for use on high speed lines, we understand that the consistency of OUR products has a significant effect on the productivity of our customers.

Understanding needs, designing products and then delivering them consistently month to month is what our business growth has been based on and our future depends on.