Emba-Protec GmbH & Co. KG

Retention & Suspension Packaging

Address details:

Str. Alter Postweg 68
Germany, 32549 Bad Oeynhausen

Retention & Suspension Packaging

Emba-Protec GmbH is a producer and wholesaler of Retention and Suspension packaging. We produce our products in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany! By doing only Retention and Suspension packaging, it makes us the number one leader in this kind of packaging. Please have a look in our catalog, which you can find on the internet, here you can find our standard range of products which we can supply immediately from our stock all over the world! Beside our catalog activities we are designing/making customized products for our customers. Daily 4 designers are busy with custom made designs for our customers.

Our packaging is well know within the return/repair and spare parts business, some advantages of our packaging are:

1.High protection for many different products and shapes
2.Reducing of size variances up to 90% !
3.Saving of all filling materials, no filling material needed anymore!
4.Easy and fast handling, without using a machine!
5.Reducing of process-costs (buying, warehousing, shipment)
6.Professional look
7.Environment-friendly 100% recyclable!

Please feel free to contact Emba-Protec for further information!