Producer of moulds and closures

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Str. Hörnlistrasse 14
Switzerland, CH 8360 Eschlikon

In a first step in 1991, Romeo Corvaglia, the owner of Corvaglia Group, started his own office, Corvaglia Product Development, in Steckborn, Switzerland, specialized in the design of plastic closures and injection moulds. In this early time, he developed a modular mould system especially for beverage closures that has greatly facilitated maintenance and repairs. When new closures are developed today, the same principle is applied. In 1997, the young company took over a medium-size Swiss injection mould maker, today known as Corvaglia Mould Ltd. By 2001, just 10 years later after starting, already one out of every 10 PET bottle closures worldwide was produced with a Corvaglia mould.

In 2003, Corvaglia decided to go a step further and to expand vertically with the first plant, Corvaglia Closures S.A. de C.V. in Ixtlahuaca, Mexico. The first European plant Corvaglia Closures Eschlikon AG in Switzerland was fully operational in August 2005 and it focuses on the production of sports caps and wide mouth closures for aseptically filled beverages.

The strength of the Corvaglia Group is the integration of the whole process chain under one roof from the design of the closure, the development and construction of the moulds, the production of the closures up to and including the best of class customer service. Global coverage is already set up by means of a well established partner network. Today the Corvaglia Group has 200 employees and makes a yearly turnover of 50 million Swiss Francs.