Betacontrol GmbH & Co. KG

Continous and non-contact measurement and control of thickeness, width, basis weight, humidity of films, rubber, paper and other materials.

Address details:

Str. Am Weidekamp 10
Germany, D-57258 Freudenberg

Betacontrol is specialized in the

• planning
• production and
• implementation

of instrumentation, control and automation (ICA) components. Sensors designed for specific applications, combined with sophisticated automation and visualization systems, ensure precise registration and complete monitoring and analysis of

• weight per unit area
• layer thicknesses
• density and moisture content

of band- and plate-shaped materials of the kind required for the production of plastic and metal sheeting, paper, textiles, foams, floor coverings or non-woven fabrics. A non-twist traverse manufactured to specifications is the load-bearing element in nearly all measurement systems produced by betacontrol GmbH & Co. KG.