Baltic plastic products

Producer of plastic closures PCO1881, PCO1810, Oil and 48mm closures and handles.

Address details:

Str. Krasto str. 39
Lithuania, LT-54477 Neveronys, Kowno reg.

Private limited company Baltic Plastic Products is an enterprise which employs the most up-to-date equipment, technology, and uses top grade materials. The company employs highly skilled staff. Therefore, we are able to facilitate your way towards success. We are proud to announce ourselves as a leading supplier of corks within the Baltic States and beyond. Our company has been staying in pace with the rapidly developing world, i.e. we've been among the first in Europe to launch a production of double sealed bottle stoppers.

Baltic Plastic Products is a supplier of top quality stoppers for a variety of containers, including PET bottles, glass containers, medicinal vials, etc. A skilled staff, flexible corporate management, attractive packaging of the products, and the latest technology is what helps us, and our partners, achieve the goals sought after and seek even better ones.

For the time being, our company produces a variety of types and sizes of corks, and is capable of fulfilling custom orders also. Should you have a project and no idea where to turn to for the assistance with the implementation, we are here to help you, starting with the negotiations through to delivery of the final product, tailor made to your specific requirements.

We have been constantly involved in customer care. Setting up a new production line shall be attended by our technicians who would help with resolving any malfunctioning of the equipment so that a high quality is achieved in a prompt manner. We employ a process of continued supervision on how the quality of the products meets the customer's technical requirements, so as to prevent any possibility of failure in the future.