A.L.A Chemicals LTD.

Offer of chemical stabilizers

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Str. 22 Bhulabhai Desai Road 3rd Floor
India, 400026 Mumbai


PVC heat & light Stabilisers Complete range of lead Stabilisers, barium Cadmium complex solid & liquid stabiliser , Barium Zink & Calcium Zink Stabilisers,Metal Stearates, Tin Stabiliser, Organo Phosphites, Antistatic Agents, One Pack Stabilisers Systems for Rigid PVC Pipes ,Fitting .Cables, Profiles ,Foam Board Etc.Plasticisers XLPE & TPE Compounds. For PoIyOlefins HDPE/LDPE/PP, Styrene, ABS etc. Masterbatches of UV Stabilisers ,Slip Agents, Antioxidant, Antistatic & Processing Aid etc .inPolyolefins . Polyurethanes - polyester polyols & P.U. finishes. Equipment -for compounding,Extrusions & Calendering.