System Dialogica, Hydronica D on Sd card

No. 123244
Type of offer::
199 EUR / pack
Available quantity:
15 pack
Total power installed [kW]:
Valid for:
67 days

Company: LEBAN doo plastics raw&recycling, machines
Name and surname:
Vladimir Leban

I offer system for arburg  and others producers .  Price includes 1 FDD SD emulator and system D on SD card with shipping  GLS all EU!

works Arburg Hydronica,Multronica, Selogica,Dialogica; Engel, Demag, Battenfeld, BILLION, BOY ,Krauss Maffei,Negri Bossi,Netstal,Wittmann

Floppy interface:
    HE10 34-pin floppy connector
    3", 3"1/2, 5"1/4, 8" disks emulation supported...
    Single and Double sided disks supported.
    FM / SD, MFM / DD or HD densities supported.
    Bitrate : 125Kb/s, 250Kb/s, 300Kb/s, 500Kb/s...
    All RPM supported : 300 RPM, 360 RPM, 600 RPM...
    All sector s supported : 128B, 256B, 512B, 1024B, 2048B, 4096B... Mixed sector s supported.
    All track skew and sector interleaving supported.
    Up to 255 tracks per disk supported..
    Shugart compatible mode supported.
    PC compatible mode supported.
    Two floppy disk drives emulation
Power supply:
    5V +/- 10% standard power floppy connector input.
User Interface:
    2 LEDs ("Floppy access LED"," SDCard access LED ").
    3 buttons ("Next","Select/Eject","Previous").
    1 audio transducer.
    2*16 chars Alphanumerical LCD (LCD and buttons can be put on an external front panel)
    On screen display software for Atari ST, Amstrad CPC and Amiga Computers
SDCard support:
    SD Card up to 2 GB.
    SDHC Card supported up to 32 GB.
    (10 MHz SPI bus mode. Average byte rate: ~500KB/s)
SDCard Filesystem   FAT32 supported. Subdirectory and long name file supported.

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