Stationary presses (106484)

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Reko Jakub Ciupiński P.H.U
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Janusz Grabinski

Stationary presses. For compaction of large quantities of waste or recyclable materials. The press assembly is permanently attached to the ground. A container is connected to the press, into which compressed material falls. When the container is full, it is disconnected and taken to the waste disposal site, and a new, empty container is replaced in its place. The waste container can be combined with the press manually using a ratchet wheel or with a hydraulic cylinder. High bending force thanks to hydraulic cylinders with a cross-section of 110 mm (MPC articulated bearings) High compaction of waste thanks to 5.5 kW high-performance Bosch pumps, up to 38 tons of bale strength Long durability and stability thanks to 8mm sheet metal on the floor of the press part.

3 pieces available.

Lease rent: PLN 1500 / month net

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