Semiautomatic banding machines with polypropylene tape (34851)

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ScanPack S.J.
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Dariusz Dudziak

MANUFACTURER STRAPACK CORPORATION is a 40-year-old company in the fastening market with more than 500,000 machines in the global market. JK-2 JK-2 is the only semi-automatic banding machine with integrated service mode - step-by-step search for the fault and is the most modern of its kind in the world. Semi-automatic JK-2 packing machine is used to fasten polypropylene tape packages. It has the smallest amount of moving parts from all the strapping machines currently manufactured. The machine memorizes the length of the tape that matches the circumference of the product being packed and ejects it automatically at subsequent bundle cycles. The JK-2 packaging machine allows for a flexible positioning of the locking force from 3 to 40 kg, which extends its range also to very delicate items. The height of the table and the width of the tape - without the use of additional parts - can be easily altered, and the durable and robust construction ensures reliability and unobtrusive quiet operation. This special, step-by-step, step-by-step operation performs one-to-one bundle operations - one that allows easy identification by machine operators and promptly removes any problems without a serviceman involved. The JK-2 uses a new belt roll design that completely eliminates friction lining. Japanese engineers have also designed a new self-lubricating welding head for long and trouble-free operation. The machine design allows quick and easy replacement of cutting knives and other consumable parts. All this has contributed to a significant increase in reliability, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and ease of use. Thanks to the use of two DC motors, the D-53 packaging machine was the world's first semiautomatic semi-automatic polypropylene tape packaging machine. The D-53 is the second generation of this type of machine designed by Strapack Corporation. In order to increase the reliability and reliability of the machine, the moving parts of the machine have been reduced to a minimum. The new D-53 uses a new microprocessor that improves machine performance and tape tension control. MACHINE CHARACTERISTICS: Fast-heating heater (ready to operate after 30 s) Continuous belt tension regulation, Modern, fully-belt drive system. Removing the V-belts extends the trouble-free operation of the machine Introducing the new strap to the one-button machine guide system Wide range of possible straps (5 to 15.5 mm) Small, lightweight and wheeled casing for easy maneuverability. The STR-1 coupler is the new second generation of this type of machine. In order to increase the reliability and reliability of the machine, the moving parts are minimized.

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