Regeneration of snails and cylinders of plasticizing systems

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Sawa Electronic Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
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Wojciech Szwermer

We offer you innovative technological solutions related to the regeneration or reconstruction of plasticizing systems ( snail-cylinder ) in the range from ø 25 ÷ ø 350 [mm], up to 7 meters long .

The regeneration technology consists in three-layer (depending on the needs) welding of coils and snare shells using the PTA method (Plasma Transferred Arc). We have a unique machine for padding using the PTA-CNC Welding Machine (Computer Numerical Control).

Technology of execution:
- Grinding the tops of the screw turns around 2.5 mm - in relation to the cylinder dimension (nominal or obtained after honing).
- Surfacing; grinding and leaving the layer about 1 mm in hardness ± 58 HRC.

- Application of the last layer with a hardness of ± 62 HRC, hardwearing, high impact material.
- Sanding of side surfaces - ridges and core of the screw and polishing to the flash.

- Cylinder honing and nitriding (if required); gr. nitrided layer 0,5 ÷ 0,8mm, hardness 950 ÷ 1000HV.

Remarks: The above technology eliminates the formation of cracks and upsets due to the pressing of a material with high hardness and guarantees the highest quality and durability.

@ We regenerate and make new snails and cylinders . @ We connect broken snails. We regenerate the snails of injection molding machines (we also make new ones). @ If necessary, we improve the geometry of the coils and add barrier zones, or mixing elements (eg maddock), which largely affects the efficiency of the entire system. @ We honor and nitrify the cylinders. @ We make technical documentation of plasticizing systems.
@ In addition to quality, we guarantee process repeatability, good prices and short lead times:

- about 7 days for snails and about 3 ÷ 4 weeks for the snail-cylinder set.

- during the 48 hours we repair snails in emergency mode .

We serve over 1000 clients in Poland and abroad.

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