Rdm-12X dryer (93291)

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~328 EUR / pc
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40 days

P&F Wartacz
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Jacek Wartacz

RDM 12 plastic dryer

Increases the quality of products, effectively prevents the formation of all kinds of defects of the compact (bubbles, traces of injection) A very accurate system of setting and controlling temperatures. Made of stainless steel, easy to clean. A modern hot air chamber with increased efficiency, high energy-saving electrical parts up to 30%. Overheating protection guarantees operator and machine safety. It can be used with various types of plastic processing machines.
Heating power - 1.5 kW
Blower power - 135 W
Weight - 20 kg We offer sets of knives for Ming Lee mills at preferential prices.
We also have sieves for Ming Lee mills as well as crushers and Genox mills.
If you have any questions, please contact us at jacek.wartacz@wartacz.com.pl or phone number 713255065

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Injection moulding machines, Injection blowing machines, Chillers, Mills, cruschers, Lines for mechanical recycling, Thermoregulators, Granulators, Temperature regulators, Robots and Manipulators

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