Pull Push dishwashing liquid caps for bottles with fi 28/410 thread, disinfection (85776)

Type of offer::
~18,19 EUR / 1000 pcs
Available quantity:
200000 1000 pcs
Valid for:
67 days

Kom Tech
Name and surname:
Ɓukasz Bernacisko

PULL-PUSH caps for washing-up liquid and thick liquids / gels. The caps fit the threads of 28/410 PET bottles and others.
  • Caps packed in foil bags of 3000 pcs.
  • Weight of the collective package: 13.5 kg,
  • Price and completion date: PLN 80 net / 1000 pcs - delivery within 24 hours.
Cap color: white Valve color: white We invite you to cooperation

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