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Project: ACS100 Single Screw Extruder & Water-ring Pelletizing Machine

Raw material & formula

jumbo bag / big bag / woven bag / waste film / Rigid plastic scraps

Final product

PE pellet, round shape with diameter: 3 ~ 5mm

Output capacity

300 ~ 380kg / hr, he depends on condition film's moisture

Central height

1 m

1. General information

1.1. Floor space

Construction of foundations, construction works, earthworks, and wall works;

Supply of cranes, fork-lifts or other lifting equipment; Mounting materials and tools;

Dimension of area: to be designed according to the layout

1.2 Power supply

Installed power: ~ 234KW

Power supply:

Supply voltage: 3 * 380V + N + PE;

Voltage tolerance: +10% / - 5%;

Control voltage: 24VDC + 220VAC;

Frequency: 50Hz + -2%

Wire / cables:

- Wires / cables from power supply to control cabinet of this washing line (provide by customer);

- All electrical cables from control cabinet to each machine (provide by customer);

1.3. Process industrial water

Consumption: 2T / h (Proposed water-treatment project)

Cooling water:

Without dissolved or suspended minerals as phosphor, sulfur, iron, etc.

Inflow temperature T1: max. 15 ℃

Outflow temperature T2: T2 = T1 + 5 ℃

Inflow pressure min: 2.5 bars

Hardness: 5-8ºdH;

Reflux: without pressure

Water hose:

Supply water to machines and pools (provide by customer);

1.4 Compressed air

Consumption: 0.6M 3 / min, 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa

1.5 Operation staff

2 Persons

1.6 Lubrication oil

Local market industry application (provided by customer);

2. Commercial terms

2.1 Machine list & Unit price

Item 1

Belt conveyer


Metal detector (optional item)


Item 2

AC800 Agglomerator / Compactor

(with Inverter)

(with Sliding gater controlled by servo motor)


Item 3

ACS 100/36 single screw extruder


Item 4

Hydraulic screen changer


Item 5

Water-ring Pelletizing system


Item 6

Electric control cabinet (PLC)

Pressure Sensor GEFRAN Italy

Solid Relay (optional item)




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