Injection Battenfeld BA 6700/4500 BK year 1998 (110509)

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Tworzywa Sztuczne Rafał Adamczyk
Name and surname:
Rafał Adamczyk

Injection Battenfeld BA 6700/4500 BK year 1998

670 tons

Screw diameter 85 mm

Diameter of columns 160 mm

Distance between columns 1000x1000 mm

Mold height 450-975mm

Max opening 1010 mm


- new drying set piovan drying silo + dryer DMP 613

- new piovan vacuum pump + silo feeder + plastic feeder injection molding machine

-robot Remak System 123191 / 5257.0107 production year 2000

- a new details collection conveyor

- mold holders

dye dispenser

-4 pcs. New water temperature regulators Piovan TH12- 13 kw

-chaser aqua Ciat + glycol buffer tank

temperature regulator of hot channels used DME 8 pcs

- replace the new oil filters - menu polish language unilog 4000 B

-new rotameters 6 single one main-new oil new filters-cooling system on glycol buffer tank (new circulation filter)

-100 kW chiller with a proprietary new circulating pump (a set for 3 injection molding machines for cooling)

- hot-channel controller will check 8 channels

- CONTROL OF THE MENU IN THE POLISH LANGUAGE The machine is bought in a German company, the production device checked before purchase

Serviced by battenfeld Germany.

She worked until we got a movie from Germany during pre-purchase tests.


The machine is ready for testing, fully operational, prepared for production of details for automotive.

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