HDPE and PET canisters and bottles (116937)

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Inter-Global Sp. z o.o.
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Anna Sokół-Kowalska

We offer high quality canisters and bottles made of HDPE (capacity 5, 10 and 20l) and PET (capacity 50, 150 and 250ml). We are also a direct importer of atomizers / triggers and dispensers. For large orders, it is possible to make HDPE canisters in any color, with a measuring cup, with a cavity for a funnel (5l canisters), as well as labeling in the IML technology. You can pick up your own or arrange delivery to the address you specify.
The most popular types of packaging from our offer:
5l canister:
• volume: 5l
• thread: inner diameter 31 mm / outer 38 mm
• weight: 190 g
• dimensions:

- base width 119 x 191 mm

- height without the nut 302 mm
• packaging: euro pallet - up to 280 pieces on 1 pallet (depending on the chosen method of transport)
• possibility of making a label in IML technology
• possibility of making a funnel recess
20l canister:
• volume: 20 l
• thread: inner diameter 43 mm / ext. 53 mm
• weight: 990 g
• dimensions:

- base width 258 x 294 mm

- height without nut 350 mm
• packaging: euro pallet - up to 84 pieces on one pallet. (depending on the chosen mode of transport)
• possibility of making a label in IML technology
The offer also includes 50ml packages with a disc top, 150 ml with an atomizer, 250 ml with a pump or with an atomizer, as well as 10-liter canisters. Please contact us:
Anna Sokół -Kowalska - e-mail: as@inter-global.com.pl tel. 62 737 47 44, mobile 575 228 224
Paweł Nowak - e-mail: biuro@inter-global.com.pl

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