Foil - Bopp (OPP), Bopet, Cpp (CAST), metallized, perforated (52026)

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Krakchemia S.A.
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Lech Kulesza

KRAKCHEMIA SA is a company with over half a century of tradition in the field of trade in chemical products.

KRAKCHEMIA SA has in its offer the foils of the world's leading, proven producers.

We offer:

BOPP foils (biaxially oriented OPP) :

- in thicknesses from 10 to 50 microns

- transparent

- pearl

- White

- floral

- metallized

- matte

- activated on both sides

- perforated (micro and macro)

BOPET (polyester) foils:

- in thicknesses from 12 microns

- transparent

- metallized

CPP foils (CAST):

- in thicknesses from 20 microns

- transparent

- for printing and laminating

- for packing bread

- for freezing up to -25oC

- with ANTIFOG

- perforated (micro and macro)

STRETCH films:
- in thicknesses from 20, 23, 30 microns

- machine - 500 mm, 17 kg

- manual - 500 mm, 1.5 kg or 3.0 kg or other

- mini raps - 250 mm

Films offered by KRAKCHEMIA SA are used for:

- direct use as packaging material eg for packaging flowers, textiles, fancy goods, toys, audio and video carriers (compact discs, cassettes), office supplies, medical supplies, cosmetics, food products (bread, pastas), confectionery (chocolate bars, wafers, cookies), salty snacks, etc.

- as a component of multilayer films (for lamination), with the possibility of printing (flexographic and rotogravure).

Contact details:

Lech Kulesza

tel. +48 668-319-596


Handel hurtowy artykułami chemicznymi - granulaty

PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene, Films, Colour concentrates / masterbatches, PS polystyrene


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