Cascade line for regranulation of waste PE, PP model: Ydn-V-120 (108725)

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Eco-World Plastics Recycling Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
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Material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP (necessary water cooler)

Capacity max: PP - 500 kg / h, HDPE - 550 kg / h, LDPE - 600 kg / h

Dimensions of the machine: 12000 mm (L) x 5820 mm (W) x 4200 mm (H)

Installed power: 443kW

Estimated power consumption at start-up: 310kW

Production year: 2014

The line includes:

1) Extruder

Double-stepped gear

Diameter of the screw: 120 mm Made of SACM 645 steel, chromed, hardened

L / D ratio: 32: 1

Speed range: 0 - 130 rpm

Power consumption of heaters on the sleeve: 51kW

Number of heating zones on the sleeve: 5

Cooling: 1/8 HP x 5 fans

Engine: 175 HP controlled by inverter

2) Screen changer

Equipped with a pressure sensor with an alarm. If the pressure is too high, the machine will be automatically turned off.

One temperature control zone.

3) Second extruder

Double-stepped gear

Screw diameter: 150 mm Made of SACM 645 steel, chromed, hardened

L / D ratio: 12: 1

Speed range: 0 - 130 rpm

Number of heating zones on the sleeve: 2

Cooling: 1/8 HP x 2 fans

Engine: 75 HP controlled by an inverter

Hydraulic screen changer

4) Hot granulation equipment

Number of knives: 4 pcs

Temperature control: 1 zone

Heating power: 3.5kW

5) Cooling device

Engine: 5HP controlled by an inverter

Made of stainless steel

6) Grinding devicewaste

Vertical type with temperature sensor

Motor power: 150HP, controlled by an inverter

Equipped with 6 pcs rotary knives and 17 stationary knives

The diameter of the drum: 1000mm

Blower: 7 1 / 2HP

A device for continuous water cooling

7) Belt feeder

Dimensions 4950mm (length) x 670mm (width)

Engine: 2 HP

8) Vibrating dryer

Water pump: 5 HP x 1

Motor for creating vibrations: 1/4 HP x 4 pieces

The dimensions of the water tank: 3615mm x 700mm x 471mm

9) Silo for flakes (centrifugal blower 7.5HP with transport pipe)

10) Control panel

Indicates the operating status of all the most important electrical devices

The machine is equipped with a double sieve changer cylinder, allowing you to change the screen without switching the machine off. The line has a spare plasticizing system.

The line is designed in a compact way, which saves usable space. The machine is in constant motion, I encourage you to see the work of the machine.

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