Cardboard tubes, cardboard tubes, thimbles, cardboard tubes, monotubes. Different models (28769)

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Turplast Primo Sp.J.
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Robert Turaj

The sleeves are used in the cotton, knitting, leather as well as printing industry for winding films, fabrics, knitted fabrics, ribbons, stretch, adhesive tapes. These are so-called: cardboard sleeves, cardboard sleeves, monotubes, cardboard tube, monotube. We produce paper (cardboard, cardboard) sleeves of any diameter, length and thickness. They are designed for winding: * foils * fabrics * knitted fabrics * ribbons * stretch foils * adhesive tapes High quality cardboard and a properly selected mix of ecological adhesives allow obtaining sleeves with the highest durability. We are able to manufacture paper and plastic sleeves of the highest quality on dates tailored to the needs of each client.

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