Automat / extruder / blower for candles for candles and oilers (74134)

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General Plastics Sp. z o.o.
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Józef Wojtłowski

We produce fully automated bottles (technology: extrusion blow molding), adapted to the production of candles for candles and oils made of PP, PVC (and possibly PE).

A ready-made commercial product is obtained from the machines, as the standard equipment of the machine includes both a grading station and an automatic punching station. This allows you to reduce your employment (1 operator can operate several machines, no workers are required to cut waste).

We offer a full range of models: from the simplest 1-head (1 "hose"), 1-table, multi-head, 2-table.

The capacity of the machines, depending on the model and the size of the product: from about 400 pieces / hour. up to about 2,500 pcs / hour

We offer help in making molds for tubs and oilers.

Producer: General Plastics Sp. z o. o

The machines are new - made to order.

In Łomianki near Warsaw, we also produce:

- lines for post-production waste recycling / recycling,

- extruders / complete lines for single and multi-layer films,

- bottle / extrusion blow molding machines for bottles, containers, vials, canisters

Producent maszyn do przetwórstwa tworzyw

Extrusion lines for blow film production, Extrusion blowmoulding machines, Lines for mechanical recycling, Films, Bottles

Polska, 05-092 Łomianki, Kolejowa 152

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