A line for unpacking products from packaging. (108987)

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1 EUR / set
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10 set
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32 days

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A line for unpacking products from packaging.

The line separates the contents of metal cans, hard plastic packaging, soft food packaging, plastic film from car windows and is able to separate the plaster from the carton of drywall.

Typical input products:

Beans, cigarettes, deodorants, meat preparations, soups, toothpaste, drinks, white cabbage salad, detergents, pasta, potato chips, sugar, biscuits, coffee, sauce granules, pet food, powdered milk, tea, food for children, cosmetics, household items, water, pharmaceuticals, juices, vegetables, cereals, puddings, insecticides, sauces, flour, yogurt, washing powder, shampoo, oil, paint, drywall, car windshields and much more ...

Typical packages:

metal cans, tin containers, plastic bottles, soft plastic packaging, aluminum cans, sachets, bags, polymer bags, paper bags, products in boxes, tetrapak, plastic containers, steel drums, plastic drums, trays, blisters, tubes, cartons plastic jars, cardboard containers, paper and plastic bags, glass jars and glass bottles, etc.

Our line is designed for many industries, such as:


production of green energy - biodiesel and biogas,

production of animal feeds,

the sector of safe utilization,

production of compost,

ethanol production,

recycling plasterboard,

recycling of car windows covered with foil, etc ..

The line equipment can be adapted to the specific requirements of the user.

Capacity: up to 10 t / h.

Contact: 604221412

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