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AMI’s 6th Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum, the international conference looking at the trends and developments in the artificial grass market will take place in Zurich in 2012. The Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum 2012 will provide a unique opportunity to discuss structural changes in the market, learn about the industry's growth prospects, better understand what is going on in other regions of the world and hear about recent product and technological and performance developments.

Robust, but volatile growth rates and changing technologies make artificial grass a dynamic industry with good prospects for the future, but with some difficult challenges, and some prospective changes to the business models deployed. The Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum 2012 will give delegates the opportunity to discuss the industry's issues, lobby for changes and gain understanding of the opportunities and threats facing the business.

The Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum 2012 will address the issues facing senior personnel from companies involved in the production of synthetic grass yarn through to turf supply.