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The 2nd AMI international conference on Plastic Pipe Fittings & Joints will take place from 27 to 29 September 2011 at the Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf, Germany. There is a welcome reception and registration on the first evening followed by a 2-day programme of technical and market presentations.

Pipe joint integrity is critical to pipelines and plumbing. Joints range from simple push-fit to branched, bends and even inspection chambers for the largest pipes. Pipe fitting manufacturers have a key role in developing parts with tight-fit measurements, which often means specifying different grades of materials compared to the pipes whilst retaining compatibility with the pipe materials and contents of the pipeline. The joining method has to be considered too, as welding and adhesives each require incorporation of different features or materials.

Plastic Pipe Fittings & Joints 2011 offers an international forum for designers, pipe fitting manufacturers, construction specialists, pipe laying companies, adhesives and welding equipment suppliers, and the industry supply chain. The aim is to bring together plastics, adhesives and welding experts to network with the end users of their products, to understand the current issues for the pipe joining industry and the potential of polymeric materials and technology in resolving those issues.