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The 2nd AMI international conference on Pipes in Infrastructure 2014 will take place from 20-22 May 2014 at Hotel Nikko in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The conference will cover plastic pipe systems used in infrastructure applications, such as drinking water supply & distribution, gas transmission & distribution, underground drainage & sewerage, road & railway drainage, land drainage, underground cable protection, district heating.

Plastic pipe systems (made of PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene and GRP) are already widely used in these applications, having made good progress in substituting 'traditional' materials – metal pipes, clay, concrete, etc. Plastic systems are easier to transport and install and provide improved reliability by eliminating the risk of corrosion. Despite these important benefits, however, 'traditional' systems continue to be used in certain market segments – for instance in large diameter pipes. To generate profitable growth, the plastic pipes industry needs to continue to innovate, constantly improving its value proposition. Innovation is indeed taking place at all levels; the conference will provide an invaluable opportunity to highlight such innovation and discuss current and future challenges faced by the industry.

Pipes in Infrastructure 2014 will offer a unique networking opportunity for delegates representing the entire industry, including pipe specifiers and installers and end users, resin suppliers, additive producers, machinery makers, pipe manufacturers and fittings suppliers, testing and certification bodies, etc. The event will give a comprehensive overview of the latest material, technology and business trends.