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IEC “Moldexpo” invites to take part in the 17th “Packaging. Depot” International Specialized Exhibition, to be held on 16 - 20 of May, 2012.

While the manufacture and trade processes, packaging is of great importance. Packaging is used for storage and transportation, protects products and gives the products individual aspect, packaging acts as “face” of the products. Packaging requirements which should be meet - constantly grow – this concerns, in the first place, packaging of foodstuff, drinks, cosmetic means and medicinal preparations.

The achievements registered in the profile industry during the recent years, are reflected at “Packaging. Depot”. Here there are represented producers and distributors of products and services of the sphere. “Packaging. Depot” contributes to improvement of the quality level of all kinds of packaging through demonstration of the latest technologies and equipment, as well as ready-made products.

“Packaging Depot” is simultaneously held with “Food & Drinks" and "Food Technology” exhibitions due to their themes crossing. Exhibition profile:
  • Equipment and machinery for production of tare and packaging items: polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, tin, plasmas, glass items; corrugated and micro-corrugated articles, etc.
  • Packing machines: dosing, sealing, wrapping, vacuuming, wielding, sticking, washing etc.
  • Raw and semi-finished materials for packaging and tare production: glues, varnishes, printing ink, polyethylene pre-forms etc.
  • Packing materials: paper, cardboard, parchment, flexible packaging materials, multi-layer materials, pellicle, aluminum foil, materials for transportation packing
  • Packing items: jars, bottles, jerricans, disposables, sacks, bags, glasses, non-expandable tare, trays, boxes and cases Auxiliary packing items: caps, lids, tapes, corks, staples, tubes
  • Label production
  • Equipment for packing goods arrangement: machinery for polygraph, coding, marking, labeling, press machines for foil stamping
  • Recycling: equipment and technologies of packaging and technical wastes processing
  • Weight-handling equipment: loaders, carts, pilers, tackles, hauling winches, lifting jacks, rolling transporters
  • Control-cash machines and weighting equipment
  • Logistics: Expedition of goods. Customs procedures. Load insuring. Equipment for security ensuring of logistic objects
  • Transport: International transportation. Express transportation
  • Warehouse: Warehouse services. Stock bins and storage systems. Warehouse gates and sealers. Cleaning facilities