Sao Paulo, Brazil ,
Expo Center Norte Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 Vila Guilherme 04329-900 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Grupo ArtSim Rua José Gonçalves, 96 05727-250 Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (0)11 38840757
+55 (0)11 22245966
Exhibition and conference on composites, polyurethane and engineering plastics search for new technologies and applications in several countries to show them to south American processors.

Simultaneously to the exhibition and conferences, it will be organized the industrial seminars, with the objective to show the benefits and applications of the composites, polyurethane and engineering plastics to processors and end users (the seminars are: automotive, marine, harsh environment, flexible foams, thermal insulation, aerospace, civil building, recycling and renewable resource raw materials, and wind energy).

It is expected about 15 thousand visitors from all over Latin America and exhibitors from more than 30 countries. Among the news for this event, the visitors will know a special showcase on successful parts from all over the world.