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This one-of-a-kind, innovative conference will encompass market requirements and enabling technologies to deliver barriers and coatings for PET and polypropylene bottles, hot fill containers, sterile fruit juice containers, and beyond beverages - jams, pickles and other foodstuffs.

The conference is popular with brand owners and supermarkets who are responding directly to consumer needs and demands, as well as the supply chain from resins and additives to processing plants. It is for all professionals interested in cost-savings methods and alternatives in packaging applications, in Europe and other world regions.

The conference includes the most timely developments in the:
  • global beverage and food market trends, margins, issues and drivers for growth and change
  • european market for PET and PP bottles and jars
  • new developments in barriers and coatings, multilayer and monolayer technologies
  • steps forward in resin and additive performance
    changes in regulation for food contact barrier packaging materials
  • solutions for oxygen sensitive, hot-fill, flavour stability, enhanced, alcoholic and other specific applications
  • holistic sustainability picture, including recyclability of barrier materials and products
  • processing trends and opportunitis, progress and the impact of new and advanced technical abilities
  • brand owner views on pricing, customer trends, strategy, supplier relationships and innovation
  • We include major brand owners, leading thinkers and industry pioneers in the conference:

    Coca-Cola Services
    Pepsi-Cola International Ltd
    Kraft Foods
    Invista Polymers and Resins
    Honeywell International
    The Valspar Corporation
    Keller and Heckman LLP
    Canadean Limited
    futureau consulting Limited
    Nextek Limited
    ITW Poly Recycling GmbH

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