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International Polymer Decision Makers Share insights on Strategies & Forming a Niche in today's Volatile Polymer Markets in 2nd ArabPlast.
The Middle East downstream plastics sector has diversified over the past two years, as plastic conversion industry hubs were set up to attract investments from all over the world.

The ArabPlast conferences, organized in conjunction with Al-Fajer's ArabPlast - the region's largest International Plastic & Rubber Industry trade show, have been mapping the changing Arab Polymer Marketplace since 2007.

This year, 2nd ArabPlast Expert Panel will share latest on Market Dynamics, R&D Updates & Upcoming Opportunities in Gulf Polymer Sector. The current changing global economy is putting pressure on plastics producers to respond to changing dynamics in the gulf and government efforts to promote plastics recycling & cut back on plastics use.
2nd ArabPlast will provide important insights into the current polymer and plastics market conditions in the Middle East via the 10 Focal Points listed below.

Focal Point 1: Analyze the region's polymer markets and demand-supply
Focal Point 2: Review Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Plastics Marketplace
Focal Point 3: Dissect market trends in plastic pipe, plastic packaging, film & Sheet sectors
Focal Point 4: Evaluate potential of plastics recycling
Focal Point 5: Review prospects & feasibility of bio-degradable Plastics in Gulf Countries
Focal Point 6: Gain insights on minimizing freight costs & optimizing supply chain
Focal Point 7: Assess the competitiveness of plastic converters in the Gulf.
Focal Point 8: Latest Updates on new investments in polyester fiber spinning
Focal Point 9: Opportunities for growth in plastic compounding
Focal Point 10: Updates on Additive Developments for high performance plastics