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The 4th international conference on Agricultural Film, organised by Applied Market Information, will take place from 7-9 November 2011 at the Fira Palace Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. On the first evening there will be registration and a welcome reception, followed by a 2-day programme of presentations from an international panel of speakers.

The global population is expanding rapidly and this is putting a strain on food and water supplies. Agricultural and horticultural films can improve production rates and reduce water loss dramatically, leading to much more sustainable growth. These plastics are found in greenhouse, tunnel, floating covers, mulch, silage and fumigation applications worldwide. These structures can assist in climate control for optimum horticultural conditions, in either hot or cold regions. Photoselective films can inhibit pest growth and selectively enhance specific plant cultivation. The markets are growing in North Africa and South America, and areas where labour is cheaper. The film specification should be discussed by the grower and the film supplier at the outset, to select the best plastic compounds for each situation. For example, an increase in pesticide use can affect the film lifespan and performance unless it is properly specified.

Recycling of agricultural waste is increasing, and the use of compostable, biodegradable plastics in mulch films is cutting recovery costs in some areas.

Agricultural Film 2011 brings together agricultural and horticultural cover specifiers, researchers, manufacturers and the supply chain to the industry. It provides a forum to network with professionals in this highly specialised business.

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