Yangon, Myanmar ,
To be announced

3rd Rubber Plant Summit 14-15 March 2013-Yangon

Contact: Ms. Fu Huiyan

“Opportunities in rubber plantation investments in frontier market Myanmar”
“Innovations in plantation and harvesting techniques for increasing yield”

Returning next year to Yangon, CMT's 3rd Rubber PLANT Summit will continue to explore new opportunities in Myanmar and continuous developments in other natural rubber growing countries as well as pertinent issues concerning natural rubber price, plantation techniques and productivity! Key topics at the 3rd Rubber PLANT Summit: Developing natural rubber on a commercial scale in Myanmar
Land, tax, legal and financing issues for plantation sector in Myanmar
Natural rubber market on a global scale and in rubber producing countries
Advances in operation process to increase productivity
Yield and plantation management - tapping, clone selection, reducing immature phase, etc.



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