Tolsa Group to introduce new flame-retardant synergists at K 2016

Tolsa Group to introduce new… Tolsa Group (Madrid, Spain), a supplier of flame retardants synergists specialized additives for the wire and cable, construction or electronics industries, among others, will launch a new range of high-performance flame retardant (FR) synergists at the K 2016 exhibition (Hall 7/Level 2/A14) which runs Oct. 19-26, in Düsseldorf, Germany. The ADINS Clay extended range are FR clay synergists that deliver reduced smoke production in PVC and rubber polymer systems, in addition to the existing FR additives used in other polymers.

New ADINS grades are still based on a breakthrough technology using natural silicates, offering tailored performance benefits, improved processability, and reduced cost in polymer systems. These new materials help meet the new stringent demands for smoke performance (CPR and others) due to the use of more stable coatings than competitive clays. Tolsa has shown that the combination with halogen and non-halogen FR and ADINS additives in PVC and rubber systems significantly reduces heat release and smoke generation in transportation, electrical/electronics, building and construction, and structural applications.

"This is an important development that broadens the field of applications for ADINS FR synergists," said Dr. Esteban, technical specialist for Tolsa. "Our ultimate effort is increase the use of clay synergists in a wide range of systems that require the highest standards of flame retardancy."

Tolsa's flexible technology facilitates modification of the sepiolite clay to meet the OEM's strict requirements in terms of heat and smoke performance. In PVC applications, for example, the clay can be modified to attain good dispersion and interaction with the polymer, according to Dr. Esteban.

"Each application is different so our ability to adapt and modify the product is an important advantage in meeting the FR requirements," said Dr. Esteban.

Key applications include railway and transportation seating and flooring as well as structural parts, and low, medium and high-voltage cables. Available in Europe, the U.S., and other countries worldwide, ADINS additives are sold as a powder or can be supplied in other physical formats.

Tolsa's wide range of high-performance flame retardant (FR) synergists are also used in other polymer matrices including PP, PE, PA, and EVA/PE. The company is also focused on translating its unique technology to other key application areas. New ADINS grades are being developed and undergoing validation in the areas of active packaging, controlling permeability/head space, and biocides.

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