Techmer PM Introduces New Line of Colorants

Could a splash of class be just the lever to lift sales in this downturn? Techmer PM thinks so.

- We developed our new Tech-Splatter line of colorants to achieve marble and swirl effects that add a touch of prestige to everyday polyolefin products - says Mark Jordan, Techmer PM's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. - They can be used for injection molding, profile extrusion, and sheet extrusion--and they're particularly good with polypropylene.

The Tech-Splatter family consists of seven colors: white, black, orange, red, blue, and two greens. - If a customer needs other color variations, we're ready to develop them - adds Mr. Jordan.

Customers should exercise careful control of processing practices when using these materials. - Our technical staff stands ready to help customers with specific applications and processes - says Abe Mor, Vice President of Technology.

Techmer PM is a major producer of value-added color and additive masterbatch for the plastics and fiber industries. The company has worldwide manufacturing capabilities focusing on high-performance applications where quality, technical support, and problem solving are critical.

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